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Had lunch with the musicians today. A direct quote, names withheld for obvious reasons: 

[BASSIST]: Did they invite a musician to that class? 
[INTERN]: Yes! They invited Paul Frankenfeld.
[BASSIST]: He plays viola. I said a musician. 


"Her pursuits include: snowboarding, mountain boarding (“a snowboard for grass with rubber tires”), free boarding (“a snowboard for pavement with a middle wheel for carving”), ice skating, rollerblading and mountain biking."


Most Interesting People | Cincy Magazine

This is from an article in Cincy about 12 of the “Most Interesting People” in Cincinnati— they’re talking about CSO violist Joanne Wojtowicz.

Didn’t even know “mountain boarding” was a thing. 


"A luthier is someone who makes or repairs lutes and other string instruments. […] The craft of making string instruments, or lutherie, is commonly divided into two main categories: makers of stringed instruments that are plucked or strummed and makers of stringed instruments that are bowed."


Luthier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did not know that. 

Caught the word in that article about CT scanning old violins.

Source: Wikipedia

(via John R. Waddle Violins Inc. - The Betts Project)

Meghan shared this awesome link about a group of people trying to replicate  famous instruments using CT scans. 

Once we have obtained CT scans of a violin and have chosen wood that matches the wood of the original, Steve Rossow can carve duplicate parts digitally, using his CNC machine.  A CNC machine is a precision carving machine.  It can carve wood more accurately than a human can.  The next picture shows Stradivari’s beautiful arching being re-created using our new process.